Mexico City’s Safety Statistics Keep Improving


Mexico City, a Top 50 International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) destination and Mexico’s leading recipient for international tourists, has just released statistics showing significant improvement in a variety of safety indices. The security improvement was due in part to the October 2011 launch of the “C4”, Mexico City’s state-of-the-art security facility, said city officials. The C4 is considered the most modern complex of its kind in the world.


Over the past four years, Mexico’s capital has set up over 15,000 cameras throughout the city, which are constantly monitored by more than 1,300 security and law enforcement professionals and connected to the C4’s high security, self-sustaining bunker . The network allows the city to respond in real time to crises ranging from natural disasters, to crime, medical emergencies and other issues affecting public safety.

The C4 has yielded impressive results in the year since its launch: 

-          Mexico City crime is down 21.4%

-          Mexico City ranks first in crime reduction in Mexico, and now has lower crime rates than cities such as Chicago, New York, New Orleans and Río de Janeiro


Under the C4 system, the Mayor of Mexico City can be briefed on any relevant occurrence in the city within five minutes of it happening. The security network will expand to 20,000 cameras citywide in the next six years, making Mexico City the most monitored metropolis in the world.


This long-term investment in security technology and the resulting decline in crime statistics have boosted interest in the city among international tourists in search of a destination that is modern, secure, and culturally rich.


 “I believe that the key to the success of our destination is the collaboration between local authorities and the private sector,” said Carlos Collado, General Manager of the Mexico City Convention Bureau (CVB). “It is precisely this teamwork, along with the city’s offer of professional and recreational activities, infrastructure, culture, art and world class cuisine that makes Mexico City so appealing. Our city is a safe, eco-friendly, accessible and professional destination, and capable of transforming a successful event into an unforgettable one.”      


Mexico City has shown steady improvement in tourism activity in recent years, and its ICCA ranking has jumped 25 spots in the past five years, from 64 in 2007 to 39 in 2012. International meeting planners, hosted by the Mexico City-based destination management company DMS, toured the C4 facility as a part of scheduled activities during Mexico City’s International Tourism Fair of the Americas (FITA in Spanish).  


Lucille Ferarra, a representative of New York-based travel specialist Group Ist, expressed confidence in the city’s safety plan. “[Visiting Mexico City] was one of my most memorable experiences in almost 23 years in the travel industry. I as a woman alone never felt unsafe walking and exploring Mexico City.”

Fausto Lugo García, General Manager of Mexico City’s C4 led the meeting planner tour.  Lugo Garcia underscored the city’s commitment to a high-tech and inclusive approach to security.


 “Over the past six years, the Mexico City Government has invested not only in its Police Department, but also in the most advanced technology systems, police intelligence, social programs, transport infrastructure, Human Rights Watch, and ongoing training and evaluation of municipal employees, all in the interest of building a better future.”


For more information about Mexico City security or tourism, please contact Eric Alvarez of DMS (Destination Management Services de México) at, or + 52 (55) 5533-6154, ext. 102. DMS is a full-service DMC based in Mexico City servicing all of Mexico for more than 40 years. DMS specializes in Meetings and Incentives,  Special Interest Travel and Academic Travel. Visit DMS online at

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